An Introduction - Jims First Digital Redefined Blog Post

First Blog Posts Can Be The Hardest to Put Together

...but this is going to be a great start for me. I wanted to just take a chance to introduce myself, the vision I have for Digital Redefined, and how I can provide some amazing value to my customers


I've got a background in web and enterprise level development which provided the experience to analyze complex issues and provide the solutions to them. Working in large corporate environments I found it hard to make a difference - the elephants of the business world are slow and are resistant to change. Through Digital Redefined I want to make a significant impact in the way small and medium businesses interact with potential and existing customers - The Gazelles of the world. Fast, agile, an able to connect with their customers in ways larger corporations struggle with.

The new year brings a full year of running Digital Redefined as it's own business and not as a 1099 working for large corporations. Over the last couple of years I built up my knowledge of marketing, business building, and providing the best possible value to my customers. - important concepts of a great business website as well as a business!

The Foundation

I spent a good amount of time researching what makes a successful business website. Along the way it became evident that many businesses were not taking advantage of the internet and the opportunities available to them outside their own network. Since the internet became a commercial avenue for mainstreet usa, every business includes "have a website" on their list of to-dos right below order business cards. It's a great idea but the results aren't the same when a company puts the same amount of effort into website as they do their business cards.

On the other hand, businesses that put the time into creating a true internet presence that shows how they can provide value to a customer, builds trust, and guides potential customers through a buyers journey can reap huge rewards from their effort.

Internet Marketing

I spent last couple weeks of 2013 re-aligning to a methodology called Inbound Marketing that can provide better, more trackable end results for online marketing efforts. Over the last year those methods were applied to my own business and others wanting to get more out of their small and medium businesses. Want to learn more about a clear way to help your businesses presence? Learn More...

Web Design and Development

Every internet presence needs to be created around a well thought out website. Building a website around the needs, pains, or desires of your potential customers is an amazing opportunity to yield new customers that otherwise you may not have. Drive potential customers into your site from other resources and use it as the primary driver for sales and marketing efforts.

Why do I discourage relying purely on social media outlets and instead use your websites? Your website is the one place on the internet to have control of what is displayed and to who. With social media outlets constantly changing their guidelines, and privacy policies don’t put your business in the hands of their control.

Websites designed by Digital Redefined start with the customer and their buyers journey first and build around that. Built around strong content, build trust and provide information throughout that journey. Learn More...

Training and Workshops

Business owners struggle with finding time to properly promote and market their business. The term working on your business instead of in your business means a lot but with time struggles many have a hard time doing so.

Our workshops and training sessions help businesses gain a stronger understanding of their current an potential customers, market to them and be more productive with their marketing efforts.

Sessions Include

Introduction To WordPress
Wordpress For Business Promotion and Internet Marketing
Customer Persona Discovery Workshop


What I’ve learned so far has helped me build my own business. These concepts and methods can be applied to yours as well! I'm excited to be able to provide a way for other businesses to grow, provide better value and connect with more customers. Over the next couple months I’ll be posting articles on building and nurturing an online relationship with current and potential customers.

Do you have a business or know a business have an internet presence that’s lacking?

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Glad to have you and talk soon!

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