Advanced WooCommerce development services.

WooCommerce Gives You a fully-function e-commerce store with an intuitive interface, interactive themes, and look and feel you desire.

Free Strategy Consultation

Why Should you Choose WooCommerce for Your Online Store?

Use any of the most popular payment services
Configurable dashboard gives you access to reports and views of performance, product inventory, and statistics
Completely customizable store layouts
 WordPress themes designed specifically for use with WooCommerce
Intuitive, stable, secure and efficient WooCommerce uses e-commerce industry best practices

DR Has Your Back!

E-commerce sites require special attention to performance and security. We develop WooCommerce solutions with these as the top priority.

WooCommerce solutions that take a customer-centric approach to the shopper experience
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Free Strategy Consultation

Why partner with Digital Redefined?

End-User Design

We want to make sure that the final product is great for your customers AND you.  We work with you to make sure how you use the website fits your business model.
A commerce site has to be frictionless for great conversion.
With Digital Redefined caring for your ecommerce site you can concentrate on your customers.

Free Up Your Time

With the tools and processes in place, we can accomplish more for your business in less time.  This frees you up to concentrate on providing exceptional service for your current customer base.

Measurable Results

You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you currently are.  Analytics gives us a view of how well your e-commerce site currently is performing along with trends on where it is going.  Detailed measurement and analysis provide the information you need to make smarter decisions and increase your return on investment.
You MUST analyze how your site is being used to understand if changes are needed.
A ecommerce site with the end user in mind will greatly accelerate your growth.

Accelerate Growth

With Digital Redefined as a strategic partner, you’ll avoid the costly mistakes that occur when going it alone. Our proven methods will fast-track your digital strategy.

Implementing an eCommerce site requires upfront planning to ensure success.

Digital Redefined has experience in eCommerce dating back to the late 90's. We understand what needs to go into that planning. We can help you...
Organize and plan product categories.
Optimize and name product images.
Create product descriptions for best search results.
Import and maintain products.
Set up WooCommerce for best workflow efficiency.
Integrate WooCommerce with Google Merchant Services.
Troubleshoot Google Merchant issues.
WooCommerce development for custom business processes.
WooCommerce support for troubleshooting and performance optimization.
Schedule a free consultation to learn more about our WooCommerce strategies and see if we're a fit for your eCommerce needs.

Step 1

Free Consultation

We listen to learn about your current internet presence and the vision for where you want to be. Also, we'll ask about your business needs, target audience, and marketing challenges you're currently facing.
Book A Strategy Session

Step 2

Research and Development

A e-commerce project isn’t built for success if it doesn’t include research and strategy.  A deep dive into your market, your ideal prospects, and competition is the foundation for fast results.

Step 3

Continued Optimization

A beautiful site is nice but it’s all in vain if it doesn’t work for you. It needs to be optimized for rankings as well as monitoring the buyers journey for improvement opportunities.

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