By Improving  Conversion Rates, You can Decrease Amount Spent on Obtaining Qualified Leads

Do you need more leads?
Do you know your ideal customer?
Do you know where your leads are getting stuck in your sales funnel?
Do you want more leads turning into sales?
Do you want to increase the revenue of those sales?
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We Increase your internet lead generation and sales through Proven strategies


We review your site, funnel flows, conversion rates, usability, copy and aesthetics.


Based on analysis results we formulate a plan that provides short and long term results.


See realized impact on conversions and sales through continued testing and improvements.

Our internet growth blueprint brings measurable results to your marketing efforts through continual improvement.

DR Has Your Back!

Are your sales funnels failing to deliver the results you need from them?  Maybe you tried to go it yourself or it was built without a strategy behind it’s purpose.

If it’s not getting traffic...
If it's not getting contacts through it...
If you’re not nurturing leads through it...
If it's not increasing sales...
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Why partner with Digital Redefined?


Real data to make real decisions


A/B Testing to determine which conversions your prospects seek


You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you currently are.  Analytics gives us a view of where your internet presence currently is along with trends on where it is going.  Detailed measurement and analysis provides the information you need to make smarter decisions and increase your return on investment.


With Digital Redefined as a strategic partner, you’ll avoid the costly mistakes that occur when going it alone. Our proven methods will fast-track your digital strategy.

Step 1

Free Performance Review

During a 30 minute review, our SEO experts explain findings and answer questions. We listen to your business needs, target audience, challenges, and objectives that you have for your online presence.
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Step 2

Onboarding and Initial Optimization

Once we understand your vacation rental business needs, locations, and target guests we begin keyword research. We'll identify the best phrases to use throughout your buyer's journey and optimize content for their needs throughout that journey.

We also begin link building efforts to improve domain authority.

Step 3

Ongoing CRO Testing

We continue to test your funnels  and optimize to improve your conversions. 

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