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Digital Redefined is a web design and SEO agency in Marysville and Central Ohio founded in 2009 by Jim McDermott. As an internet agency; we've had great success connecting businesses to their ideal customers.

We enjoy collaborating with our clients bringing their websites to life that show the personality of the company while speaking directly to their customers.

Digital Redefined serves customers from across the United States and we especially love serving our local customers in the Central Ohio/Columbus, OH area. 

I'm Jim, Owner of Digital Redefined.

My web development days go back to the 90's. 

There are a lot of things that have changed but one thing hasn't  - My love of solving business needs by creating sites that help you establish your internet presence and grow your business!

I believe in even the smallest companies and their owners having a brand.  Branding is the art of differentiation and that is exactly why it's important.  Without a way to differentiate you from your competition you'll be lost in the noise of the internet.  

I want to keep your business from getting lost in that noise!

We are minutes away from helping you in:
  • Marysville, OH
  • Dublin, OH
  • Hilliard, OH
  • Worthington, OH
  • Central Ohio

Digital Redefined, LLC.
14022 Bellepoint Rd
Marysville, OH 43040

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