One on one wordpress guidance 

We provide a lending hand for those times you need it to move forward.

With one on one WordPress services help you then get out of the way.  

We help you when you need it and let you take care of the rest. The services below highlight what we can help you out with. At $120 per hour, our on-demand services are affordable.

One On One WordPress services for installation, hacked site cleanup and general questions.


If you’re looking for advice on hosting for a new site or unsatisfied with your hosting for an existing site, it’s important to make sure your site is hosted through a reliable service. 

A consultation session can help us evaluate your needs and match you with an affordable hosting service that meets your needs.

WordPress Installation

Struggling to install WordPress?  It’s pretty common for WordPress beginners. 

Book a consultation to help you get WordPress installed and ready to create your site.


Page Speed and Load Time

Are pages taking so long to load that you’re losing visitors?  Optimal performance and fast load times are critical for your site. 

We can help you implement performance improvements and advice you on best practices to get your site operating smoothly!


Caching helps speed up a WordPress install but configuring so that pages load without errors can be tricky. 

Book a consultation and we can help you implement a caching solution that will make your site faster and reduce load time.


Security and Hacked Site Cleanup

A hacked site can be serving embarrassing content at best and harmful to site visitors' computers at worst. 

Keeping  WordPress up-to-date is very important to keep your site running and safe.

Search Engine Optimization

Have a site that isn’t being found in search queries? 

We can help you implement proven strategies to help your site start climbing in the rankings and drive more qualified leads to your site.

Web Site Migration

Moving hosting providers and worried about the process?  We provide peace of mind that your site will be migrated properly and your data will be safe.

Book a consultation and we’ll help you migrate your site to a new provider. 

Website Structure and Blogs

Having site content organized and easy to locate is vital for both search engine rankings and helping your readers find what they're looking for.

A layout strategy session will help you put best practices to work for you.

Want to make sure we're a good fit?

No problem! Schedule an appointment and we can discuss what your assisted needs are.  Often I can point you in the right direction without getting on a call at all.

If we do chat, based on the discussion I'll give you an estimate so you'll know how much the effort will cost!

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