WordPress Property Manager and Direct Booking Solution for Escapia Customers

The vacation rental industry has exploded over the last 10 to 15 years. Being able to reach a broad market has never been easier. Managing properties with Escapia gives you full control over handling vacation properties. Sure, VRBO and other Network Partners puts your properties in front of potential customers, but you don’t have absolute control over the branding and you have to pay a “finders fee”.

WordPress Property Manager for Escapia Customers solution gives you total control over the branding and marketing of your properties without the unwanted extra fees.  

A combination of plug-`in and custom theme pages, our solution is built to work with WordPress - one of the most popular content management systems, our solution gives you complete access to your data in Escapia so that you can use it the way you want.  Reservations can be submitted directly from your site and payment processing is handled by Escapia. 

Let’s take a look at how our plug-in can help your vacation rental business.

Full Control Over Branding 

The primary driver for our plug-in was to give Escapia customers the ability to brand and market their properties the way they want.  VRBO looks great, but it’s difficult to make your property stand out the rest of their search results and there is no way to customize the user experience. 

Search, property details and reservation features harmonize with the rest of your site.  Styling and branding considerations that you used throughout your site can be used on these pages as well.

With the benefit of entire control over search and property details; these pages can be optimized to target customers looking to stay specifically where your vacation rental properties are located.  

Optimized Marketing Efforts

With our custom theme page templates, you are able to use conversion tracking tools such as  Google Tags, Google Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixel and Twitter Conversion Tracking. Having full analytics data on where customers are coming into and possibly falling out of your sales funnel lets you be proactive and to make informed decisions on necessary adjustments.

Eliminate Costly Commissions

Sure, VRBO is a powerhouse at marketing vacation rental properties, but the problem is that it markets both yours AND your competitions properties.  What’s more? The commission or annual fee comes out of your bottom-line.

Reservations made through your site directly cut out the exorbitant commission paid to the middle-man and helps to increase your revenue.

WordPress Property Manager for Escapia Customers Features

Import Data

All data defined in Escapia for your properties is available for import to your website.  Our plug-in pulls all or individual properties from Escapia for set up on your site.  

Global and Individual Property Sync

Once imported, property data (including images) can be synced on-demand or on a nightly basis. 

Want to just sync up information on an individual property? No problem! Our plug-in gives you the option to update data for a single property. Have a property that you updated the name on? Just go into the individual property edit screen, click ‘Synchronize Name’ and the latest name is updated from Escapia.

Highly Customizable

Individual pages for Search, Property Details, and Reservation Submission allow for creating a user experience that uses your branding and fits the needs of your customers.

Search features can be included on your Home and other pages which can be submitted to the search page to display results.  Some popular examples are searching by Amenities (i.e. Golf Cart included or Pets allowed) or by Area/Neighborhood (Palm Beach City or Banff Resort area).

NOTE: Because of the wide-ranging capabilities of this solution; an experienced WordPress and PHP developer is recommended for solution implementation.  If you don’t have a developer that you currently work with; Digital Redefined is here to help.

If you have a preferred developer, our solution includes complete documentation and a sample theme that can be used as a starting point for creating YOUR solution.  Our sample theme is just that - a sample. You can use it for inspiration and reference but you are not merely limited to using it for your site.


From an ocean-view in Florida, to a slope-side chalet in Colorado;  options for searching for a house can vary drastically. Your search options (including Custom Categories defined in Escapia) can be based on the specific needs of your visitors.

This your first chance to show off your properties to potential customers. Properties returned in the search can include any information that was included during the import process.   Some of the most popular search options include Date Ranges, Property Name, Sleeps, and Pets Allowed.

Give site visitors relevant sorting options.

Our comprehensive plug-in even includes the ability to show a custom map of property locations.  Show as much or as little information on the surrounding location as you wish. You’re in charge!

View Property Details

Giving a site visitor the ability to visualize themselves staying in your property can go a long way to increase your view-to-reservation conversion rate.

The full description of the property can be front and center along with a gallery of images highlighting the features of the property.  

On the Property Availability calendar,  visitors can select a date range from the calendar to view property availability and return corresponding rate details. 

The rate detail results area can be customized to suit your needs. From a simple total amount displayed, to as much as a full breakdown with fees and taxes.

The rate detail results area can be customized to suit your needs. From a simple total amount displayed, to as much as a full breakdown with fees and taxes.

Submit Reservation

Once a visitor has selected a property, they can complete the reservation without leaving your site.  

The reservation/booking page provides all data required to submit your reservations to Escapia yet still has the advantage of being customized to your needs.  

Don’t take eCheck as a payment?  No problem.  

Totals can be broken down and formatted to meet your requirements

Want to include vacation insurance?  You can include it as a requirement or as an option as you see fit.

Rental Agreement and Cancellation Policies can be displayed as part of the reservation process.

Display payment and fee breakdown information relevant to your policies. 

Payment processing is handled by Escapia. For security reasons, no payment information is stored on your site.  

Payment processing is handled by Escapia. For security reasons, no payment information is stored on your site.  

Offer Discounts and More

Who doesn’t love a discount? Your visitors certainly do! Coupons defined within Escapia can be used by those booking reservations on your property.  

Discounts can be applied when viewing individual property availability or when checking out, calculations will be made to display the total with the discount rate to your visitors.

Other than the required customer and payment information, all other information is optional and can be included as you like. 

Once processed, a confirmation message is displayed and email is sent to the customer with reservation and further information. 

Custom Confirmation Email

Give your confirmation email that personalized feeling. You can create custom intro content, closing content, and indicate the total dollar amount remaining.  The content of the confirmation email message can be easily modified using standard HTML.  

Attachments such as rental and cancellation agreements can be attached as PDFs to be included with the confirmation email.


Our pricing model is subscription-based on the number of properties that you have and are calculated quarterly.  No commission fees!

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