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WordPress is capabable of so much more than displaying blog posts and information pages

Do You...
have data in a separate services that you want to display on your site?
have a business process you want to work with WordPress?
have an idea for an application that needs to work with WordPress?

DR Has Your Back!

When you have a need that goes beyond WordPress or commercial plugins, it's time to consider a custom solution!

Integrate a business process without compromise...
Let's create something awesome!
Free Strategy Consultation

Integrate and Create

We've worked with many clients over the years to integrate with some of the most popular APIs or display non-WordPress data.

Our experience with integration in the corporate world has given us the experience to create solutions based on an extremely important foundation - Performance and Security.

our custom WordPress plugins Have Solved A Wide Array of Needs...

WordPress Integration with EscapiaNET API.

5 years ago Digital Redefined was approached by a long-time partner to come up with a solution that would return Vacation Rental Data from Escapia. Our WordPress custom plugin development team created a plugin that imports unit data, allows site visitors to get on-demand date-range rates, and book vacation stays directly from a vacation manager's website.
WordPress Custom Plugin that Integrates with the EscapiaNET API

Flooring Search

We were approached to design a solution that combined a flooring companies website with their flooring search application.  The result was a WordPress custom plugin that seamlessly combined the WordPress marketing site with a searchable application running on Ruby.

Book A Consultation

A very common request is to create a solution that gives site visitors the ability to book a consultation that directly integrates with a companies Customer Management System.  One of our favorite projects gave visitors that ability while assigning the consultation to specific stores and salespeople.

WordPress Plugin projects come in many flavors and colors.  What's yours?

We don't take your information, and come back a couple of weeks later with what we assume is what you want. Our development process walked WITH you through each step, providing what to expect and eliciting feedback along the way.

Step 1

Free Consultation

We listen to learn about your current internet presence and the vision for where you want to be. Also, we'll ask about your business needs, target audience, and marketing challenges you're currently facing.
Free Strategy Consultation

Step 2

Research and Development

We'll work with you on a solution that fits the needs of the end-user perfectly!

Making sure the solution is efficient and easy to use is the bottom line of what we do.

Step 3

Enjoy the Freedom!

It doesn't matter if the solution is about saving time or improving experience.  

A well-designed plugin that suits your needs will give you freedom to use your site without compromise.

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