WordPress runs 40% of the internet. 
Its wide range of uses is why it fits so many business cases.

Even the best ideas can get stuck in-process. We connect the dots between your idea and actual implementation with WordPress.




Holistic website development and design means consideration of the complete technology.

This includes all aspects of WordPress: responsive theme design, restoration and cleanup, site speed performance, ongoing maintenance and 1-on-1 support sessions.

Theme Design

Bring out your brand with a design that matches your corporate language.

  Our discovery sessions help bring out your vision and understand your internet presence needs.

Web Design and Development

Hacked Site Restoration

While frequently maintained sites are less likely to be hacked, it can happen. 

Once your site is hacked, care has to be taken to avoid it from happening again and ensure all remnants are removed.

Hacked WordPress Support

Vacation Rental Industry

Digital Redefined Has been providing WP services specifically for the Vacation Rental Industry for over 5 years. 

Our Direct Booking solutions take the power out of OTA(Online Travel Agencies) and in the hands of vacation rental managers!

Vacation Rental Redefined


Jim has been providing eCommerce solutions since 1999.

With 4,000,000 sites securely selling with WooCommerce, it is a great way to make your products and services available for purchase online.
WooCommerce Services

WordPress Care Plans

WordPress is easy to use but that doesn't mean you can set it and forget it.

WordPress core and plugins must be routinely updated to keep it secure
WordPress Care Plans

1-on-1 Help

Professional training on how to install, use, fix, and maintain your WordPress site.

Guidance for when online training and Youtube videos aren't cutting it.
1-on-1 Training and Support

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