"A businesses website is nothing more than a brochure if you're not actively marketing it."
- Jim

A  website can be the most valuable asset to promoting your company (well, right after your employees at least).

Book A Strategy Session

We like to build a story behind our internet marketing efforts.  That's why we start with using the Storybrand concept to create that story.

Build A Content Plan

You have a hero (your customer) who has a guide (you).  With a story in place, use it to build content that your customers see themselves in.

Spread The Word

Utilize blog posts and social media sites where you can get the best engagement from your ideal prospect.

Additional Marketing Services


Content Marketing

We love the long-term gains that our clients get through producing content. 

Building content that resonates with your customers and routinely refreshing it is a killer way to build trust and introduce prospects to your brand.

Pay-Per Click Advertising

Digital Redefined works with another Ohio-based business to bring highly qualified prospects to your business.

Email Marketing

Once you've got prospects in your customer management system, using Email Marketing for awareness and nurturing is a great trust-building strategy.

Social Media Management

We won't even pretend to be pros in this industry.  We have industry leaders that we work with who would love to share their mojo with you!

Step 1

Free Consultation

We listen to learn about your current internet presence and the vision for where you want to be. Also, we'll ask about your business needs, target audience, and marketing challenges you're currently facing.
Book a Strategy Session

Step 2

Research and Development

A website project needs to be built on research and strategy.  A deep dive into your market, your ideal prospects, and competition is the foundation for fast results that connect your business to your ideal audience.

Step 3

Continued Optimization

A content strategy is based on adjusting to what makes the most impact.  By analyzing what is resonating with customers and what needs attention you'll see continual improvement in your content!

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