WordPress Training By Digital Redefined

Just getting started with WordPress or looking to get more out of it? Our training plans are catered to you based on experience and specific needs. Current offerings include:

Introduction To WordPress For Business

WordPress is an excellent platform for internet business and is pretty easy to use on a day to day business once you get the hang of it. Our Introductory course takes you through it from a real world business point of view. You’ll learn not only what you need to get going but also steps necessary to keep the site safe and running efficiently.

What You’ll Learn In Our Introductory Course

  • WordPress Basics
  • Posts, pages, themes, plugins
  • User and Admin settings
  • Advice on using custom themes
  • Add-ons and Toolkits
  • Integrating Google Analytics to track the results of your efforts
  • Blogging Basics – categories, comments, pings and tags
  • Best Practices
  • Security and Updates

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Business Marketing With WordPress and Inbound Now

Our Inbound Marketing course takes you through creating a campaign using the Inbound Marketing products. These products are a great way to begin inbound marketing with the smallest amount of investment and are excellent for companies who have a minimal staff for handling the effort.

What You’ll Learn In Our Getting Started With Inbound Now Course.

  • Overview of the product
  • Planning Out A Campaign
  • Creating Calls To Action
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Creating Forms and Collecting Data
  • Selecting Templates Based On Your Needs
  • Implementing A Campaign and Leads ManagementRequest More Information